Why do we Sell Homes TWICE as fast and for 2% More Money?

According to our local MLS stats we sell homes twice as fast as the rest of the MLS and we also sell homes for 2% more money than the average agent. This is not by luck but by pure selling skills.

You see, when an average agent comes to list your home they sign the contract, stick a for sale sign in the yard and wait for another agent to sell your home. Tiffany Holtz Real Estate Group works with you to make your home look its absolute finest when we list it.

This is how we sell homes for more money and twice as fast...

  1. We generate over 40 leads per day for buyers who are interested in our listings. The average agent generates 40 leads per year!
  2. We have a success rate of 91%. The MLS average is 61%. This means that we sell 91% of our listings while other agents only sell 61%
  3. Our list to sell ratio is 98.2% while the MLS average is 96.2%
  4. Our average Days on Market is 48 DAYS! The MLS average is 102 days (We sell homes 48% quicker)
  5. Our average sales price is 11% higher than the MLS average.
  6. We use Radio, TV, Custom websites and large postcard mailings to generate traffic to our listings. Click here to see our full list of media advertising.
  7. You will receive professional photos of your home.
  8. You will receive professional staging of your home.
  9. You get your home listed on Zillow first in the results because we are a Premier Agent
  10. Most of our listings receive a professional video on your home. (VIEW EXAMPLE HERE)
  11. We offer a 3D scan and walkthrough of your home (VIEW EXAMPLE HERE)